What is a stretch wrapper, and why should you invest in one?

What is a stretch wrapper, and why should you invest in one?

A stretch wrapper, also known as a pallet wrapper or wrapper, stretch film around products placed on pallets. The foil is intended to protect the products on the pallet, allowing for more stable transportation or proper storage, for instance in a warehouse.

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What is a stretch wrapper

The benefits of a stretch wrapper in your production

What you get when you purchase a stretch wrapper from us

REO-PACK's various stretch wrappers

What is a stretch wrapper?


Before we delve into the benefits, we first need to understand what a stretch wrapper is.


A stretch wrapper, also known as a pallet wrapper or wrapper, wraps foil around products placed on pallets. The stretch film serves to protect the products on the pallet, allowing for more stable transportation or proper storage in a warehouse.


By wrapping the products in film, you ensure stability on the pallet. Additionally, the film can protect the products during transportation or handling in the warehouse, where they may be at risk of damage.


A stretch wrapper is particularly useful at the end of a production line, where it can automate a sometime inconvenient manual process. This leads to increased efficiency in production.


So... Now that we know what a stretch wrapper is, let us have a look at the benefits.

Do you want to enhance your production efficiency and optimise the process?

Then you should consider a stretch wrapper – often an overlooked part of end-of-line production that is much easier to automate than you might think.

A stretch wrapper can also allocate employees to other tasks, thereby relieving them from heavy workloads.

Benefits with a stretch wrapper

Optimise your end-of-line-production with a pallet wrapper


Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your end-of-line production? Is it challenging to prepare the finished pallets for shipping?


Typically, pallets are transported by truck or container, where it's crucial to secure the goods to ensure they remain on the pallet and stable upon delivery - preferably without any damage.


This is where problems often arise. It can be a heavy and labour-intensive process for an employee - or even require multiple employees simultaneously, when their time and efforts could be better utilised elsewhere.


A stretch wrapper can address this issue. It can automate the wrapping process, thereby relieving your employees to focus on more value-added tasks in production.


Do you find it daunting to automate this process in production? Our answer is simple: No.


With the right expertise and know-how, this can easily be done and still pursue your production requirements or the requirements your customers could have.


REO-PACK's pallet wrappers are designed to automate the end-of-line production process, and we offer various stretch wrappers that can meet any automation need. Therefore, REO-PACK's automatic pallet wrappers are ideal for both larger production lines and smaller companies with production needs.


Our experienced staff will assist and guide you throughout the process, and ensure that your production is automated in the best possible way.


Explore how others have optimised their end-of-line processes with a stretch wrapper from REO-PACK right here

What do REO-PACK offer?

REO-PACK’s automatic stretch wrappers


At REO-PACK, we have a various range of different automatic stretch wrappers.


REO-PACK's range of automatic stretch wrappers comprises thoroughly tested and robustly designed solutions to meet specific needs in production environments. The stretch wrappers are crafted with a focus on efficiency, precision, and reliability.


Explore our stretch wrappers 




F1400 Stretch Wrapper is ideal for smaller production lines. Its compact size combined with advanced technology makes the F1400 a versatile solution. The model is suitable for packaging products of varying sizes and shapes, and its automatic features contribute to a smooth and efficient packaging process.


The F1400 is a reliable partner that reduces manual effort and increases production capacity.


More info about the F1400 here




The J2000 model is designed to handle large production volumes with ease. The wrapper is fully automatic and suitable for productions that require fast and precise pallet wrapping. The model offers advanced programming options that can be customised to specific packaging needs.


The J2000 is robust in the design and has reliable technology, which make it an ideal solution for end-of-line productions in large facilities.


More info about the J2000 here




The S1500 is an automated stretch wrapper that impresses with its versatility and user-friendliness. The model is suitable for packaging products with complex shapes and sizes. The S1500's intelligent control system ensures optimal film tension and even wrapping, resulting in consistent packaging.


The wrapper is ideal for companies seeking a flexible and reliable stretch wrapper for their production.


More info about the S1500 here




The S3000 is an automated stretch wrapper that offers state-of-the-art features. This model is designed for complex packaging requirements and can be customised to specific needs in a production line. The S3000's control system ensures precision in every film wrapping, making it ideal for high-end productions that require high quality and reliability.


More info about the S3000 here



Whichever stretch wrapper model is chosen, REO-PACK's automated stretch wrappers represent the next step in packaging technology.


Our stretch wrappers combine features with reliable performance, making them indispensable partners in any production environment.

With dedicated employees, we ensure efficient products and services at the highest level, no matter where in the world you are. 

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