Stretch wrappers

Our experience and expertise in stretch wrapping enable us to deliver flexible and reliable products that can streamline your end-of-line production.

  • F1400
    Semi-automatic stretch wrapper
  • J2000
    Fully automatic turntable wrapper
  • S1500
    Fully automatic stretch wrapper
  • S3000
    Fully automatic stretch wrapper
What you get from us

Approach to stretch wrapping

  • Our stretch wrappers are thoroughly tested, presenting themselves as durable and reliable solutions that can be customised to different industries and customer requirements.

  • Our focus is to meet customer needs, and with our expertise, we can fulfill specific requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency without the need for custom manufacturing.

  • With over 20 years of experience, we can guarantee that our solutions will continue to provide increased efficiency without compromising on quality and reliability.

  • Being part of the BILA Group allows us to complement with additional possibilities and competencies when it comes to finding automation solutions for new and existing customers.


Upgrade of End-of-Line Production

Read more about how we have helped CO-RO upgrade their production by fully automating a large part of the processes in their Lolly department.

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Product Manager

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