Automatic top sheet applicator

R2000 is a standalone top sheet applicator but can also be integrated with one of our stretch wrappers. It features fingers that grip the foil and pull out the desired length.


Subsequently, the knife cuts the foil, and the fingers then stretch the foil over the pallet with products, placing it in the center over the pallet.


When new foil is required for the top applicator, it is manually moved down to working height, and the film can then be replaced.

Stand alone machine or can be integrated

Can handle different types of pallets

Is approved to stand in a high storage

Top applicator 

A R2000 top applicator is a sheet placer. It is a standalone machine but can be integrated, typically, alongside our S1500, S3000, and J2000 stretch wrappers.


The control system for the top applicator enables 100% control over all parameters in the packaging phases via the operator panel. Among other functions, the foil width can be adjusted at the beginning of the project.

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