Machine Optimisation at Furniture Manufacturer


Material consumption halved with machine optimization

Less material consumption. Reduced environmental impact. Less waste for the end customer. There are gains on all fronts in the optimisation of 8 pieces of stretch wrapping machines at the furniture manufacturer Tvilum, each over 20 years old.


The consumption of stretch film is now 40-60% less when the finished pallets leave the warehouse. Stability and quality of the pallets have improved even further because the film is wrapped even tighter around the goods on the pallets.

Investment paid off

Productivity has increased

Minimal operating and maintenance costs

Improved load stability


A total of 8 old stretch wrappers lacked functionality, and material consumption needed to be reduced.


The old stretch wrappers have been upgraded with new control and a new film carriage.


Extended lifespan of the stretch wrappers, and there is savings on the film expense - the consumption per pallet has been reduced from 240 grams to 146 grams.

Every day, 20 trucks depart from the warehouse at the furniture factory in Fårvang with 800 pallets packed with furniture for international retail chains, including JYSK and IKEA, among others. Each pallet is now wrapped with a strong but thin stretch film, ensuring that the furniture arrives undamaged at stores around Europe and the rest of the world. The quality of the packaging has been significantly increased, even though the thickness of the stretch film is only half as thick as before.


A total of 8 wrapping machines have been upgraded with new control and a new film carriage with double motorised pre-stretch from REO-PACK, which is part of the automation group BILA. The economic basis for this optimisation has proven to be valid: The investment has been recouped in saved film expenses. The film consumption per pallet has been reduced from 240 grams to 146 grams.


At the same time, the lifespan of the stretch wrappers, which already have 20 years behind them, has been extended further. They had nothing wrong with them, but were simply lacking functionality.


This is stated by project manager Sabahudin Nukovic, who, among other things, works on optimising processes at Tvilum. It is about creating a better, healthier, and greener workplace and business.

According to Sabahudin Nukovic, there is only positive feedback on the new foil solution. It comes from both the operators working with the winding and from forklift drivers and the warehouse manager.


”REO-PACK has helped us address several challenges. We have achieved higher uptime, lower operating costs, and machines that are easy for our personnel to operate."



Sabahudin Nukovic, Tvilum



"Pre-stretch was not a feature on the old REO-PACK machines. It was a significant advantage to be able to add new technology to the old machines that enables pre-stretch. In fact, we now use 40-60% less stretch film, also because we can use a thinner film on the optimised machines. This film stands and contracts around the items after being wrapped, providing even better stability and higher safety during transportation.”




A thin layer of wrap


Tvilum has also optimised the art of achieving a balance between sufficiently robust wrapping and appropriately thin wrapping. REO-PACK has contributed by developing standard programs for different pallet sizes and parameters, ensuring that operators can feel confident that the pallet wrapping will not break.


”Sustainability is a high priority for us here at Tvilum, and we focus on reducing the amount of plastic in all the parcels we send, including foam, stretch film, etc. If the parameters are right, the film won't break.”


Sabahudin Nukovic also explains that REO-PACK was chosen as the wrapping supplier because he has experienced the collaboration over many decades as good, efficient, and highly dynamic.


”We are satisfied with REO-PACK and the collaboration we have with them. It matters to us that it is a local Danish supplier that provides good support and has high-stability products with a long lifespan. Price-wise, their solution aligned well with our budget and criteria.” 



Sabahudin Nukovic, Tvilum

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