Optimisation of production lines

With extensive experience and expertise in stretch wrappers, REO-PACK introduces thoroughly tested solutions. Our specially designed stretch wrappers are created with the aim of automating and optimising production lines, resulting in improved efficiency within end-of-line production. We are committed to delivering quality products that create tangible value for our customers.


Explore which stretch wrappers we can offer your production

  • F1400
    Semi-automatic stretch wrapper
  • J2000
    Fully automatic turntable wrapper
  • S1500
    Fully automatic stretch wrapper
  • S3000
    Fully automatic stretch wrapper
  • R2000
    Fully automatic top sheet applicator

Core areas represented by REO-PACK

  • REO-PACK can assist productions in optimising production lines, enhancing efficiency by offering thoroughly tested and innovative stretch wrappers.

  • Expertise and a focus on quality are keywords, making us a reliable partner for productions in various industries.

  • Durable and reliable stretch wrapping solutions that can be tailored to industries and customer requirements.

  • REO-PACK caters to diverse needs with the aim of enhancing your productivity.


Optimising "End of Ice Packaging line"

Learn more about how we have assisted CO-RO in upgrading their production by fully automating a significant portion of the processes in their Lolly department.


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